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The Estilo Experience:

When 15 years of award-winning experience collides with an industry-leading product line, within a custom-tuned space, the outcome is nothing short of exceptional. Natalie Wade infuses her craft, attention, and passion into the experience that is, Estilo.

Estilo aims to make the world a more beautiful place – fusing the beauty of our clients with the best products for the world.

Our Services 


 Women’s Haircut: $85
• Men’s Haircut: $50


Color: (We provide OWay Organic Hair Color which is made with Biodynamic, and Fair Trade ingredients and pure essential oils).

• Each color service price is based off a customized hair consultation
• Color service prices start at
: $90



 Wash and Style: $45
• Special Event Style: $95


• Smooth Rituals Keratin Hair Smooting Restoration System: $250
(Formaldehyde Free Keratin Smoothing Treatment lasts 3-4 months).
• Scalp and Hair Restorative Treatments: prices upon consultation.


• Eye brow shaping: $20
• Lip wax: $12
• Eyebrow and Lip: $30
• Other facial waxing available, and prices on consultation.


Our Products

From Farm to Chair

This addition is well-anticipated and we are beyond excited to unveil Oway to you. We cannot wait to share this organic line with you, because of its use of certified natural and organic raw materials, obtained through fair trade. This line is a solid sustainable option, which lends itself to its green chemistry. And, Oway is the first hair system to use essential oils and pure micronized plants from biodynamic family farming in Bologna, Italy.

Biodynamic farming is a step above organic. It involves a holistic approach to harvesting ingredients. This approach excludes chemical use, maintains soil fertility, and focuses on a harmonic relationship between people, plants and animals. 

 A couple neat benefits about Oway’s system:

  1. NO Ammonia
  2. NO SLS & SLES
  3. NO Parabens
  4. NO Petrolatum
  6. NO Mineral Oil
  7. NO Phthalates
  8. NO Synthetic Fragrance
  9. NO Artificial Colorants

What To Expect

Oway color and products boast biodynamic extracts and essential oils, from plants that are grown in accordance with principles of harmony between man and nature. This farm-to-chair approach assures that not only the best ingredients are being used, but that they are being grown in an ethical manner, which is important to the quality and use.

OrtOfficina is Oway’s biodynamic farm that spans over 50,000 miles. The harvesting and distilling process occurs without any use of chemicals. This allows for the most pure, concentrated and effective active ingredients to be obtained. All Oway lines are perfumed with carefully blended essential oils. In contrast to artificial fragrances, essential oils not only smell amazing, they also benefit the mind and body.

Even the ingredients make an impact: Oway chooses to purchase and use plants originating from ethically-managed crops, produced by 486 economically disadvantaged communities in the Brazilian Amazon and by Australian Aboriginal, Indochinese and African populations.

Oway’s packaging is also environmentally-friendly. Paper sleeves are made out of 100% tree-free paper, obtained from cane sugar waste, without tree felling. Glass is amber-colored, pharmaceutical-grade, which protects the formulations with high concentration of natural ingredients and essential oils, guaranteeing purity. Aluminum is extremely resistant and adaptable, highly recommended for optimal product preservation. And, the packaging is 100% and infinitely recyclable.

The greatest part of this professional hair system is the complete and wide-range of products that are geared toward a comprehensive and feel-good approach to gorgeous, healthy hair.

Natalie Wade


Natalie Wade, Estilo owner, founder and master stylist has been styling in Richmond, Virginia for more than 12 years.  An award winning stylist, Natalie has built a strong clientele through her visionary techniques and evolutionary style, landing her celebrity styling opportunities from the music industry to fashion world.

Throughout her career, Natalie has had an innate focus on environmental responsibility and brings that passion to Estilo, a craft-concept salon that specializes in customized beauty and organic products. Estilo serves men and women with a variety of beauty and health services, “marrying nature with science”. 

Natalie was born and raised in Richmond, and prides herself on her relationships with her clients.  Outside of her styling passion, she enjoys yoga, running, rock climbing, hiking, camping and anything outside with her dog Finn.

Natalie holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish with a minor in Anthropology from VCU.

Skills & Awards:

  • Licensed Hair Stylist 2004 in state of VA established 2004
  • Aveda’s Ricardo Dinis at the New York Advanced Academy June 2014 Master’s cutting essentials-trained
  • Aveda Earth Month Runway competition finalist, Washington D.C., Spring 2009
  • AVEDA color system’s educator, King of Prussia, PA

Contact Us!


1801 Highpoint Ave

Suite D

Richmond Va, 23230


(804) 887-0000


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Sunday: Scheduled Event Service Only
Monday: Appointment only.
Tuesday: 7:30am-1:30pm
Wednesday: 2:00pm-8:00pm
Thursday: 2:00pm-8:00pm
Friday: 9am-4pm
*Saturday: 9am-2pm
*Can be scheduled/reserved for Special Event and Off-Site Wedding’s



We accept all credit card payments, including apple pay!


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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!


Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!